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“Empathy” is the brainchild of Chase Hansen, a 9-year-old businessman and philanthropist and his Dad. Chase created a nonprofit when he was 4, the result of two years of watching every superhero movie. The duo argue, “you can only watch so many hero stories, before you begin to believe the idea that normal every-day people can make a difference in the world.”


“Our brains are wired to run from pain — including emotional pain — whether it is ours or someone else’s. Sharing a listening, caring ear is something most people can do. When we feel heard, cared about, and understood, we also feel loved, accepted, and as if we belong.” Brene’ Brown

We believe the expressed needs and ideas of the homeless and recovery community will be of interest to not only the amazing citizens of Utah, but to the decision makers and leaders seeking to solve social challenges in an innovative manner. The homeless and those in recovery are in fact important subject-matter experts, with amazing idea.

We intend to discover their needs, to lift their spirits, to discover their passions and dreams, and to give them a voice in the process to come.

We belive that listeners will become engaged in unique, creative solutions and will invest in the journey of others while becoming informed to the realities of the challenges we face in our community and across our great nation.




For the last 3 years, Chase has been conducting research missions into the community, gathering ideas through interviews with members of the community that suffer and learning from community advocates, meeting with influencers and leaders and experiementing with ways to foster connection and seed friendships.

To gather support Chase met with his Mayor, Troy Walker of Draper and Ben McAdams, the Mayor of Salt Lake County as well as the Lieutenant Govenor Spencer Cox, all very amazing leaders invested in solving the homeless crisis, hungry for new ideas and ways to elevate all Utahns through putting boots on the ground in a impactful manner for the larger goal.

Being present, connecting, hearing about each others life, will have a positive impact on all involved. In this way we, as a community can develop meaningful relationships that are authentic, develop trust and move forward together.


We are now recruiting altruistic, mission driven corporate leaders and their teams, faith based leaders and their members engaged in ministry, civic minded students, mayors, city council members, scout leaders, law enforcement officers, national guard and military members, health care practitioners, yogis, and all other interested community stakeholders who are willing to invest in others with their time and attention over a meal.