KUTV | JULY 25, 2018

Lt. Governor Spencer Cox awarded Chase Hansen, 9, with a service recognition award on Wednesday for his work with the homeless.

The young Draper native started Operation Empathy, an organization that meets with homeless individuals one-on-one, 3 years ago.

Since that time, Hansen has worked with 130 homeless people.

Hansen sees this as an opportunity for people to tell their story about homelessness and hopes to eventually end the stigma around homelessness.

“One day I was sitting down with my homeless friend and I was like, ‘dude, what would really help you in life? What do you think would help other people? Is it a connection? Is it friendship? Is it food?  What do you need? And he said, ‘man, it would just be sitting down and talking to someone,’” Hansen told 2News.


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