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A Social Impact Company founded in 2013 by 4-year-old businessman and philanthropist Chase Hansen and his dad, with a mission to be a global FORCE for good.


Chase is the founder of Project Empathy which is a social impact experiment based on the simple truth that sometimes all you need is a friend who will listen.

Inspired by the superheroes of his favorite movies, Chase and his father John have become real-life superheroes working to spread empathy and make a difference in the homeless community right here in Salt Lake City. To date, Chase has sat down for a meal with 130 homeless friends and has been the listening ear and source of support needed to reignite their feeling of self-worth and move forward in their life by gaining employment and finding a home.

Chase gives promise to a new generation of passionate and driven change-makers.


  • Spencer J. Cox

    “You are an inspiration to us all Chase, keep up the good work.”

    Lieutenant Governor - Spencer J. Cox , State of Utah

  • Dan Farr

    “Chase is my hero!”

    CEO - Dan Farr , FanX

  • Doug Jessop

    “I am excited to tell Chase’s story.”

    Utah Caring Stories - Doug Jessop , ABC4

  • Janae Moss

    “When I think of John Hansen, I think of HEART. His heart is big, so big in fact — he had to renovate a whole warehouse to fit it in. He is first, a dad. He loves his son Chase, more than anything. He wants Chase to grow up in a world of love.”

    Utah County Board Chair - Janae Moss , United Way

  • Chelvy Kay

    “Chase is an inspiration to humankind.”

    Chelvy Kay , Kent, United Kingdom

  • Samantha Washington

    “Can we lower the age for (the) president to 9? What a great kid!”

    Samantha Washington , Sacramento, CA

  • Kristen Ballard

    “Remember the name Chase Hansen. He will change the world.”

    Kristen Ballard , Leavenworth, WA